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  • Broadband Connection

    B roadband connection is a high-speed internet connection. Any type of broadband connection is usually many times faster than a dial-up connection. Broadband internet speeds let users take advantage of the latest technologies. The major types of broadband available include Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable, satellite, fiber-optic and mobile broadband. The broadband technology you choose will depend on a number of factors. These may include whether you are located in an urban or rural area, how broadband Internet access is packaged with other services (such as voice telephone and home entertainment), price, and availability.

  • Leased Line Connection

    Leased Line is a permanent connection between two points set up by a telecommunications common carrier. Typically, leased lines are used by businesses to connect geographically distant offices. Unlike normal dial-up connections, a leased line is always active. The fee for the connection is a fixed monthly rate. The primary factors affecting the monthly fee are distance between end points and the speed of the circuit. Because the connection doesn't carry anybody else's communications, the carrier can assure a given level of quality.An Internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product, delivered over fiber normally, which is dedicated and provides uncontended, symmetrical speeds, full-duplex. It is also known as an ethernet leased line, DIA line, data circuit or private circuit.

    For example, a T-1 channel is a type of leased line that provides a maximum transmission speed of 1.544 Mbps. You can divide the connection into different lines for data and voice communication or use the channel for one high speed data circuit. Dividing the connection is called multiplexing. Increasingly, leased lines are being used by companies, and even individuals, for Internet access because they afford faster data transfer ratesand are cost-effective if the Internet is used heavily.
  • Mobile Internet

    MThe terms 'mobile internet', 'mobile broadband', '3G' and '4G' refer to the provision of internet connections using mobile phone networks. Generally speaking, the only other types of broadband widely available are ADSL (phone line) or cable (fibre-optic) broadband.Compare the latest mobile internet deals at uSwitch now. Mobile broadband uses mobile phone networks as opposed to copper phone or fibre-optic cable lines, and for the most part can be accessed by any mobile device or any computer with a USB port. No routers, cables or telephone lines are needed. In many ways, mobile internet is taking over from home broadband in much the same way as mobile phones took over from home phones in the 1990s. Greater flexibility and mobility are the key factors fuelling the growth of mobile broadband.

  • 24 * 7 Support Service

    SuSh Technologies provides 24 * 7 Support Services and have an extensive knowledge of the issues that arise from customers of Internet Service Providers. Currently, we serve subscribers of Dial-up, Cable, wireless, WiFi services. Our engineers are equipped to answer most questions related to your Internet Service. They are trained to patiently help customers to seamlessly integrate with existing support infrastructure. We cover following issues and technologies under our support:

    • Connectivity Issues
    • Username / Password
    • Other Software
    • Networking
    • Sign-up
    • And Many More . . .